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Making a Difference Through 3Rs - The Story of Kim Bixenstine and Willie Swift
September 2017, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal
By: Carter E. Strang
Land Use - A Zoning Primer
Fall 2017, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Real Estate Law Section Newsletter
By: Justin J. Eddy, Ashley E. Gault
Is Implied Preemption a Viable Defense?
September 2017, DRI's For The Defense
By: K. Michele Anderson, Richard A. Dean, Corena G. Larimer
Regulatory Oversight of Supplement Industry Continues
September 2017, Nutrition Industry Executive
By: Anne Swoboda Cruz, Ronie M. Schmelz
Strategies and Considerations When Breaking Up Mass Actions After BMS
September 6, 2017, DRI's The Voice
By: Madeline B. Dennis, Seth H. Wamelink
Trejo v. Johnson & Johnson: The Death of Design Defect in California?
August 2017, DRI's The Voice
By: Nicholas V. Janizeh, Amanda Villalobos
The Cake as Canvas and the Baker's Veto
August 2017, Equality Blog
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler
Design Defect Implied Preemption Is Not Just for Drugs
August 2017, Drug & Device Law Blog
By: Richard A. Dean
FAA Regs Still Apply to "Commercial" Drone Use
August 2017, Law360
By: Tod Northman
Cutting into This Cake: The Recipe for a Supreme Court Case
August 2017, Equality Blog
By: Chad M. Eggspuehler
Expectations for Fintech Cos. Providing Services to Banks
August 2017, Law360
By: Casey L. Holzapfel, Glenn E. Morrical, M. Patricia Oliver
Chapter 3 - Pleadings
August 2017, DRI's The Trial Compendium
By: Sandra J. Wunderlich
If You Build It, They Will Come: Launching a Direct-to-Europe Container Liner Service from Cleveland
July 2017, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Admiralty Litigation Committee
By: Henry E. Billingsley II
But the Court's Order Says There Is "No Just Reason for Delay" ...
July 2017, DRI's Certworthy
By: Susan M. Audey, Chad M. Eggspuehler
The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Trademarks
Summer 2017, In-House Defense Quarterly
By: Sandra J. Wunderlich
Is There an Emerging Trend in Post-Foreclosure Litigation Under Regulation X?
June 2017, ABA Consumer Financial Services Committee Newsletter
By: Allison R. Burke, Paul L. Janowicz, Brian J. Laliberte
"Are We There Yet?" Will Personal Jurisdiction End Litigation Tourism?
June 2017, DRI's The Voice
By: Knight S. Anderson, Nathan T. Newman
Winners Don't Walk Away Empty Handed: Don't Forget Your Costs
June 7, 2017, DRI's The Voice
By: Madeline B. Dennis
After the BNSF Decision, There's No Place Like 'At Home'
June 2017, Law360
By: Richard A. Dean, Michael J. Ruttinger
7th Annual Update of Take-Home Asbestos Duty Decisions: Significant 2016 Rulings Highlight Litigation Landscape
May 2017, HarrisMartin's COLUMNS-Asbestos
By: Karen E. Ross, Carter E. Strang
Don't Be a Target for Lawsuits
April 25, 2017, Wholesale & Distribution International
By: Sanford E. Watson
The Numbers Tell It All: 2017 DRI Women in the Law Seminar
April 2017, DRI's For The Defense
By: Sandra J. Wunderlich
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